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Deborah Decker

Deborah Decker

I started my college journey as a traditional student but then took a break from school for 12 years before returning as a non-traditional student to finish not only a bachelor’s degree but a master’s degree as well. I have always lived in the south west and I love the mild winters even if I do not love the scortching hot July and August months. As a traditional undergraduate student I wish that I had gotten more involved in things outside of class. I truly believe in the power of positive human connections. My favorite quote is “We survive because we can love.” by Bruce Perry. Fun for me is either boogie boarding at the beach or reading a book.


Master’s degree in Human Development

  • Pacific Oaks College, CA


  • COOP 1800R - Cooperative Work Experience
  • PSY 1010 - General Psychology
  • PSY 1100 - Human Development Through Lifespan
  • PSY 2000 - Writing in Psychology: APA Style
  • SSC 1010 - Trailblazer Connections
  • SSC 1020 - Study Skills & College Success


Deborah Decker


Phone: 435-652-7749

Office: HCC 133