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Jonathan Morrell

Jonathan Morrell

What’s one piece of advice you wish you had when you were an undergraduate student?

Take the classes outside your major (General Education) that you want to know more about and take them from the best instructors. Some of my favorite classes were my GE classes.

Favorite quote?

“The harder you fall, the higher you bounce!” ― Doug Horton

Define fun and what does that look like to you?

Sitting under the stars next to a bon fire discussing the questions of life…. and possibly coming up with answers.


Master’s of Arts in Communication

  • Brigham Young University, UT

Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications/Public Relations with departmental honors

  • Weber State University, UT


  • COMM 1270 - Critical Thinking in Communication
  • COMM 2110 - Interpersonal Communication
  • COOP 1800R - Cooperative Work Experience
  • SSC 2001 - Smart Start Seminar


Jonathan Morrell


Phone: 435-652-7656

Office: BROWN 209